While the number of meetings, events and conferences in Brussels is decreasing and the (too) hot summer is coming in, the preparatory work for the busy autumn is not ceasing at all. With the election of the new European Parliament with many new parties and faces that are coming to the European level for the first time and the negotiations regarding the structuring of the new European Commission, our work and efforts in explaining, promoting and improving EPR will actually intensify.
On top of these efforts of course is the continuing work on the transposition and relevant implementation of the new waste legislation in the EU Members States. EXPRA is already actively working to support and prepare its members for the new challenges but also opportunities. We are of course supporting the EC regarding the preparation of Implementing and Delegated acts, which will provide practical guidance for the implementation of the new Directives, by providing practical information, motivated statements and positions and best practices.

Outside Europe, the interest in EPR is growing day by day and the Commission is always strongly asking us to accompany them to all their missions to promote circular economy and EPR (and functioning waste management systems). We are very honored that EXPRA is recognized by the EC as THE EXPERT in EPR and is always invited to be part of the EC missions promoting circular economy and sustainable waste management.

EXPRA of course will as always offer our great expertise of over 25 years in this complex sector, as well as the innovative best practices of its members in collection and sorting, but also in communication with citizens, all aiming to ensuring sustainable waste management and care for the environment .
Wishing you wonderful summer!

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