In the framework of the International Eco-School Program, the authorized representative of the program “Incubator of Social Innovations – MUNJA” organized the creative competition EKOPAKET, which involves the collection of used Tetra Pak packaging, organizing education about the recycling process for students, and motivating students to take part in creative competition.
From 23 elementary schools of 23, 170 pupils’ works were created, real small artworks rated by an expert jury, among which was the representative of Ekopak Eldin Sabet. Ekopak as a strategic partner of the Eco-School in BiH, has also provided valuable prizes for the winners.

The International program of Eco-Schools was developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) in 1994, and is is being implemented in more than 60 countries and 50,000 educational institutions. Eco-schools have a system of rewarding educational institutions, in such a way that schools that meet the set criteria and promote environmental care as a lasting value and way of life, receive a charter on the status of the International Eco-School and the Green Flag with the Eco-school sign. The methodology is based on seven steps that certain educational institutions implement according to the individual plan with the help of this program.