Five attractive containers in the form of huge shells invite the residents and guests of Burgas to collect their plastic waste separately. The art installations are located at the key outlets of the Sea Garden in the city will symbolically remind you that the place of plastic waste is not at sea and on the beach, but in the special yellow containers of ECOPACK.
The unusual and unique installations are part of the campaign “My Green City”, which Coca-Cola HBC in Bulgaria has been organizing together with ECOPACK for the twelfth consecutive year. The design of attractive clamshell containers is by Janina Dubarova-Kostadinova, who in May won the competition of “My Green City” for original ideas for the construction of plastic collection facilities organized jointly with the Municipality of Burgas and the branch of the National Academy of Arts in the city .
“Protecting the sea and its inhabitants is a commitment of all of us. With little effort everyone can make your city more beautiful and our nature cleaner.

The “My Green City” campaign is in support of our global commitment to achieve the collection and recycling of the same amount of bottles or cans we have sold on the market. We are sure that this is only possible with the support of our users, who like us are also concerned about the future of the planet, “said Jacqueline Tsocheva, Director of Public Communications and Public Relations of Coca-Cola HBC Bulgaria.

“I thank our partners from Coca-Cola and ECOPACK that together we make our town an even better place to live. With the project “My Green City”, through art we create something with a message and commitment to preserving the sea. These attractive containers call, educate and give aesthetic value to our more beautiful city, “said Deputy Mayor of Burgas Municipality, Ruska Boyadjieva.

Since early May 2019, ECOPACK has started a project in hotels, restaurants and cafes in Burgas, where 65 sites are serviced on a daily basis in order to increase the separate collection on the territory of the city. “ECOPACK and Bourgas Municipality have a long-standing partnership in explaining the benefits and encouraging the separate collection of waste. It is no coincidence that Burgas is the winner of our prestigious “Greener Municipality” award, which welcomes the desire and efforts of local authorities to implement innovative approaches in the education of the population for separate waste collection. Only last year in the municipality of Burgas were separately collected 850 tons of packaging waste, of which 150 tons of plastic. We hope that through the projects we realize with the municipality, we will double this quantity in 2019 “, added Todor Bourgoudjiev, CEO of ECOPACK.
Art installations are part of this year’s twelfth edition of “My Green City”, within which 10 public transport stops in Sofia were transformed into plastic containers.

For the last 11 years of the voluntary initiative, Coca-Cola system employees in Bulgaria and ECOPACK have landscaped, cleaned and upgraded landscapes, wooded areas and parks in 18 regions across the country. Since its launch in 2008, thousands of sacks of waste have been collected in the framework of “My Green City”, dozens of location in the country have been renovated, trees for 2 forests have been planted and voluteers are taking care of two more.