Pakomak – Packaging and Packaging Management Company received the 2018 award for environmentally responsible practices, traditionally awarded annually by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia.
The award recognises the project called “Hocus Pokus, recycling is in focus”, which “Pakomak”, together with magician Christian Sopov, intended for children of preschool and school age. In this project, through a fun magical play and interesting tricks, children learned about the importance of selecting and maintaining a clean environment.

Children were educated that the glass should be put into the green container, the paper – in blue, and the plastic and cans in the yellow container. The play was seen by more than 33,700 children in Skopje from 52 schools and another 17,000 children from 45 schools from 7 cities in Macedonia. The project was supported by Brewery Skopje and the Dutch Embassy in Macedonia, Pakomak’s traditional partners when it comes to ecology.

The project has proved remarkably successful and represents a positive experience for children, teachers and for Pakomak as an eco-company with a clear eco-vision. The company is especially proud that the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia has recognized and rewarded this project, because the project is a contribution to our children and their future. It is important for children to have highly developed ecological awareness in order to live in a cleaner environment in the future.

“Imagine provoking laughter, joy, excitement in 50,700 children and learning about selection of waste, that’s indeed wonderful. The feeling can not be described when you know that through educational fun you contribute to a better future for our planet. The incredible and mysterious nature of humor always awakens the interest of the audience. There is no one who does not want to smile and see something interesting, unimagineable. Being surrounded by so many sincere people who are immensely rejoicing with the illusion you are displaying is wonderful.
Plus, when you know that you are transmitting an eco message, which should motivate children to select waste and thereby create a cleaner world, satisfaction is even greater” was the statement of magician Christian Sopov, who is also a great ecologist, illusionist and humanist.