Dear Reader,
Since the very beginning of this year we were overwhelmed with numerous parallel legislative and other developments with direct impact on our work. These include not only the Implementing and Delegated Acts and Guidances stemming from the WFD and the PPWD, but also all existing and new initiatives, like the Circular Plastics Alliance initiative of DG GROW, European Coalition for Chemical Recycling, etc. to name just few. Not to forget also the new serious requirements and responsibilities for the Industry/EPR Organizations defined in the SUP.
In parallel we are continuing with our usual work as we met in beginning of April in Seville, Spain for our GA meeting where we discussed among other issues the new strategy of EXPRA focusing on operational excellence and thought leadership in sustainable packaging. The Assembly was organized back to back with the International forum on Marine Litter and Circular Economy – MARLICE, where several EXPRA members shared their best practices and experiences in protecting nature, promoting environmentally friendly behavior and fighting litter.

So, I will repeat myself stating that again we will have a very busy spring and summer, due not only to all challenges mentioned above but also to the coming EU elections and the respective structuring of the new Parliament and Commission. Of course, EXPRA will continue to support its members during the transposition of the new EU legislation and well as promote sharing of best practices like with the “Green Book on Innovation” being currently developed with examples form EXPRA members.

Of course in all this activities we are relying on networking and joining forces with like minded associations in order to provide for a sound and realistic legal framework which will contribute in practice for a genuine Circular economy and best performing EPR systems.

But there are developments regarding EPR not only in Europe – things are moving in Latin America and Asia, in countries like Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia where EPR is on the table as governments understand the potential to improve the system together with industry and to solve all the problems resulting especially in marine litter. As THE EXPERT in EPR, EXPRA is contacted and invited to several events in those countries, but due to the very tight and busy EU schedule, we are always ready to share our long term expertise and to support industry on demand, respectively try to send experts from our member base.

Enjoy your reading!