The Plastic Pledge: in January Green Dot Norway launched the Plastic Pledge in front of 90 of our biggest members. This is a project we have been working on for a long time to make the concept both as available- and result bearing as possible. The main objective is to enhance the use of recycled plastic.

The key features/Objectives of this project are:
Enhance the use of recycled plastic

Reduce plastic in those packagings and products where it is possible

Design for recycling
The project is also meant to function as a tool for our members, helping them set their environmental goals for 2025 (based on goals set by the EU, saying that 50% of all plastic will be recyclable within 2025, and 55% within 2030). The project will also contribute in opening the dialogue between our members, encouraging them to share experiences related to design for recycling. Green Dot Norway also has a responsibility to follow up those members who decide to take the Plastic Pledge, and help them along the way with arranged workshops where members (actively taking the pledge) will meet up and work in groups focusing on how they can develop their packaging, and making it even more recyclable while adding recycled plastic or reducing it. These groups will meet and work together for three days. Green Dot Norway will arrange the day, set the agenda and contribute with the knowledge we have.

Green competitiveness seminar

Green competitiveness seminar (Grønn Konkurransekraftdag) was arranged for the third time this year at Oslo Kongressenter. This is a cooperation between Returfellesskapet, where Green Dot Norway, Renas and Batteriretur arranges a full day containing subjects surrounding circular economy and innovation seen from an environmental perspective, while also offering their members the possibility of mingling. This year, almost 200 people participated.

Norway’s Minister for Climate and Environment, Ola Elvestuen, opened the seminar, where both members from Returfellesskapet and leaders from influential Norwegian companies spoke about how they are working towards a circular economy. The title of some of the topics were among others:

Anders Skoe, leader – EVP Schibsted Media Group – “How to help people make smarter choices for themselves and the environment”.

  • Christine Lundberg Larsen, Adm. dir. Regnskap Norge – “Sircular economy – how to make a profitable change”.
  • Øystein Ruud, founder of Restaurant Rest – “First class environment”.
  • Bård Bringsrud Svensen, Sustainability Innovation Manager Orkla – “Recycled plastic – the new normal”.

Cases provided by our members

Both the Plastic Pledge and and Grønn Konkurransekraftdag are initiatives from Green Dot Norway and our partners, in our goal to contribute more support to our members.

When we say contribute, it is because we are fully aware that a lot of our members already have more knowledge than us when it comes to design for recycling and other environmental topics related to both their packaging and their products. This is also why working together throughout a project like the Plastic Pledge, will contribute a lot more knowledge to everyone involved.

We also focus on our members hard work by writing and sharing cases about them, involving design for recycling in our monthly members newsletter. More and more of our members are willing to share “behind the scenes”-information about how they develop their packaging, which makes it possible for us to share this knowledge with members who may still don’t know how to position themselves in questions regarding circular economy and design for recycling.

These are some of our latest cases from our members:

We hope the Plastic Pledge will help secure the quality of the knowledge related to design for recycling for both us, our partners and members.