As the demands and recycling targets of companies change, the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service (FTI) is increasing its focus on new circular business solutions, extended producer responsibility and increased recycling. On March 29, Håkan Ohlsson will step into the role of CEO of FTI to lead this work.
Håkan is currently a Board member of Apoteksgruppen i Sverige.

Waste is a resource that must be collected effectively to maintain high quality, so that the raw material can be recycled into new products. That is FTI’s mission.

“FTI is taking new steps in its efforts to provide closed-loop systems for its customers and for consumers. This requires a strong focus on partnerships, innovation and business development. Accordingly, we take great pleasure in presenting Håkan Ohlsson as the new CEO of the Packaging and Newspaper Collection Service. His solid experience of business development in environments with complex stakeholder groups feels quite right,” says FTI’s Chairman, Gunnar Svensson, in a commentary.

FTI currently combines responsibility for the collection of packaging and newspapers across Sweden with the dissemination of knowledge to households and retail packaging strategists. The Swedish collection and recycling system is internationally leading and enjoys the strong support of households – 83 percent claim that sorting waste is simple. New targets and higher expectations on integration with other aspects of waste management, such as updated guidance for producer responsibility, are the starting points for an ongoing development process.

“Environmental issues in general – and climate change specifically – are making new demands on the business sector. Today, you have to show how products and packaging are designed, how waste is handled and the responsibility you are taking for the entire value chain. In this situation, it is very exciting to be taking on the role as CEO for FTI,” says Håkan Ohlsson.

Håkan Ohlsson is 56 years old and holds a degree from the Stockholm School of Economics. He has previously held positions at Unilever, GB Glace, McKinsey and CityMail, and most recently at Apoteksgruppen i Sverige. Håkan has extensive experience working with a complex stakeholder market, with experience building relationships and working in an environment where private-sector, political, central government and municipal parties work together.