The Managing Director of EXPRA moderated as in the previous years the EPR Toolkit Workshop which is done the day before the 2 days conference; like also in the previous years, EXPRA developed the content of the workshop as well as proposed nearly all speakers.

Around 50 to 60 experts participated in the workshop where a lot of lively discussions took place around the following topics:

Transparency within Packaging Recovery Organizations – Equal treatment and non-discrimination of the clients

  • On the way to sustainable packaging – Initiatives of PROs and EPR Fee Modulation
  • What will industry have to pay? How can it be calculated? What are the full costs?
  • Enforcement, reporting and monitoring – Ensuring a level playing field in industry reporting, sharing comparable data, avoiding free riding

Next to industry associations and companies, PROs from Germany (DSD, RECLAY and ERP/Landbell), France (CITEO), Spain (Ecoembes and EcoVidrio), Belgium (Fost Plus), Norway (GDN), Ireland (REPAK), Portugal (SPV), Latvia (LZP), Netherlands (Dutch Waste Fund) participated and partly spoke in the workshop and/or the conference.

Malgorzata Golebiewska, DG Environment, introduced into the Art 8a minimum requirements for EPR, concentrating on the various studies and acts that the Commission is preparing at the moment to help the Member States to implement all criteria and to ensure a minimum level of harmonization.