Ecovidrio always want to facilitate the process of recycling to citizens. For this reason, during 2018, 6,873 new green containers were installed, increasing the figure by 3% to reach 225,019 igloos. ECOVIDRIO is very pleased to announce that the recycling of glass containers has grown by 9% in the past year, the largest increase of the last decde!

What does this mean? That last year a total of 893,989 tons of waste from glass containers that have been converted into new containers were recycled. In results, the recycling rate of glass containers has grown by 3.5 points, reaching 76.5%, as we estimate for the year 2018.

How much has been recycled per citizen? The selective collection through the green container reached in 2018 the 840.361 tons of waste of glass containers, which represents a growth of 6.5% over the previous year. Each citizen separated and deposited an average of 18 kilograms of glass, equivalent to about 68 containers per person.

In which autonomous community is more recycled? In the position number 1 is Baleares with 30 kg / IPH (Human Pressure Index). In position 2, Euskadi is followed by 27.5 kg / inhabitant. The third place is taken by La Rioja with 27.5 kg / inhabitant. They are followed on the Navarra list with 25.9 kg / inhabitant and Catalonia with 21.4 kg / inhabitant

Which are the provinces that recycle the most? The ranking of the provinces that recycle the most is headed by San Sebastián, with a ratio of 38.4 kg / inhabitant. It is followed by Pamplona with 29kg / hab. Barcelona is in third place with 22.7 kg / inhabitant, followed by Bilbao 22.6 kg / inhabitant and Palma de Mallorca with 22.5 kg / inhabitant.

José Manuel Núñez-Lagos, General Manager of Ecovidrio, comments: “These record increases allow us to affirm that we are working on the key levers to place our country at the forefront of sustainable development and the great environmental challenges of our time. We can not stop. Although we are backed by more and more citizens and municipalities that demonstrate a solid commitment to recycling, there are still very pronounced inequalities between territories that we will only be able to overcome if policies are generalized that place the bet on the current recycling system in a priority place of the public agenda “.

In addition to the selective collection through the green container, from Ecovidrio we have managed the recycling of 53,628 tons of glass packaging waste from 16 urban waste plants. What does this mean? The recovery of containers through RU plants allows to recycle the containers that the citizen throws to the garbage incorrectly, in order to avoid that they end up in the landfill and can become new containers. This is a pioneering project!

The collection figure through urban waste plants represents an increase of 76% compared to 2017, although in terms of collection, it is only 6% of our total management in Ecovidrio.

Did you know that, thanks to this, Spain is one of the best containerized countries in Europe? Currently there is an igloo for every 208 inhabitants. In addition, our commitment to hospitality continues to be a key part of these results, since this sector generates 50% of single-use glass containers that are sold.

From Ecovidrio we have visited more than 37,300 establishments and delivered 24,900 cubes to raise awareness and facilitate the recycling of these containers in the hospitality sector. There are already more than 9,500 igloos adapted especially for this sector. Surely you will also hear the special plans that we set up each year on a seasonal basis, such as the campaign “Take note, recycle glass”, to encourage the recycling of glass containers especially in summer.

During 2018, we carried out 338 social mobilization campaigns, aimed at young people, children, hospitality professionals and citizens. In addition, many of the initiatives have been regional or local, supported by the municipalities of the different municipalities.

You will also hear some awareness campaigns such as “Recycle Glass By Them” or “Recycle Glass and Pedal”.

And … are you one of those who has a miniglub at home? The citizens are part of this chain and that this year we have the best results of the last decade! And is that about 76,500 households already have their miniglú to recycle glass containers. Have you seen the more than 20 original designs they have? On the other hand, from Ecovidrio we have also collaborated in causes beyond recycling, carrying out actions with the Red Cross, Save the Children, Aladina Foundation or the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.