Who has not paid much attention to the heart being in love or has been carried away by the stomach before a cake of three chocolates? It is clear that we not only think with our heads. And it is time to start thinking with your lungs to take care of the air we breathe.
How? Recycling cans, briks and plastic containers that we consume in the yellow container. That is thinking with the lungs!

Imagine the entire manufacturing process of a container from scratch, taking into account the obtaining of raw materials. Now think about how that process is reduced if we use recycled materials. The difference is a great saving of water, energy and CO2 emissions that no longer go to the atmosphere.

From the UNESCO Chair and the Cidaut Foundation studies have been carried out that quantify the environmental benefit linked to air quality that involves recycling light containers in the yellow container (cans, briks and plastic containers). And to make it even more tangible, some equivalences have been developed that bring it closer to our day to day life : https://ecoembesanuncios.es/piensa-con-los-pulmones-2/#pulmones/slide3