On 9 October, PROsPA (Producer Responsibility Organisations Packaging Alliance), EXPRA (Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance) and EPRO (European Association of Plastics Recycling and Recovery Organisations) co-organised an expert talk on the “Eco-modulation of EPR fees as a tool towards a circular economy”.

Amanda Fuso Nerini, CONAI, in her capacity as chair of the EXPRA WG Packaging & Sustainability and Joachim Quoden, EXPRA’s MD, engaged as speakers in the round tables whereas several other members, for example from Spain, Belgium, Greece, Slovakia, Norway, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Netherlands and even Quebec, Canada joint the discussion. Not only the Commission but also Peter Börkey from the OECD followed immediately our invitation and participated actively in the workshop.
Around 70 EU and national experts from along the value chain gathered in the EURACTIV networking office to discuss challenges and opportunities that should be considered when setting up EU guidelines for an eco-modulation of EPR fees – to be presented by the European Commission in 2019.
The SUMMARY REPORT of the Expert talk: “Eco-modulation of EPR fees as a tool towards a circular economy” is now published on our homepage. You can read it here: