Under the CEFLEX iniiative EXPRA endorses the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment

Brussels, November 2018. The Extended Producer Responsibility Alliance (EXPRA), togather with the other members of the CEFLEX consortium: companies, associations and organisations collaborating to enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy in Europe, endorses the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) Global Commitment for a New Plastics Economy. This support is based on the EMF vision of a circular economy for plastic packaging being fully aligned with the CEFLEX vision.

The Global Commitment clearly envisages a future where plastic packaging, including flexible packaging, is designed, used and the materials then made available again in the circular economy. That way they do not leak into the natural environment and they play an important and essential role in helping society live and consume more sustainably. Flexible packaging generally is very resource efficient and, in nearly all cases, helps to reduce overall plastic packaging waste while providing customised product protection, at the minimum cost, using the least resource and with the lowest environmental impact.

The Global Commitment reinforces the work being undertaken by CEFLEX, where the consortium stakeholders are collaborating to identify, prove and implement how best to close the loop on all flexible packaging materials by 2025.

You can read the full press release here.