Pakomak announced a competition for the selection of the most environmentally friendly mayor and municipality for 2018. The selection will be made in January 2019, and all municipalities in the country, urban and rural, have the right to participate.
The goal of the company is to express support and respect for those positive examples among the mayors who give priority to environmental projects in their municipality, plan and realize them. Every tiny investment and action in the direction of environmental protection means a big step forward towards the environmental reforms that should happen in our country, especially with regard to European regulations at a time when Macedonia is aiming for entry into the European Union.

What is particularly interesting is that the criteria include the activities of the municipalities related to the protection of the environment and the introduction of eco-friendly technologies, but also on giving a personal example by the mayors and personal participation in environmental actions, something that holders of public functions in our country have yet to develop and practice.

The first-elected municipality will receive a modern children’s playground made of environmentally friendly materials. The playground will be set at a location, which will be agreed in cooperation with the municipal authorities. The idea to initiate this type of initiative is to raise and develop the environmental awareness among citizens, as well as among the mayors for selecting waste.