Following the July Packaging Chain Forum (PCF) meeting, you can find enclosed to this report the final cross-industry statement on the Single Use Plastics legislative proposal (SUP), co-signed by 68 European and national industry associations.
All but one have endorsed the principles and related amendments. This impressive outcome (in full summer recess) demonstrates continued will and efforts to position the PCF members jointly on the bigger picture and defend core policy principles that are being challenged by SUP. It is still possible to send further co-signatures as EUROPEN will further update the statement.

This signed and final statement will now be circulated to relevant EU and national networks, as well as relevant policy makers in the three EU institutions. Next week a related debate is scheduled in the European Parliament’s Environment Committee.
In addition to EXPRA, our members from the Netherlands, Bosnia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece and Romania have co-signed this statement.