I hope that you had a relaxing and interesting summer! Still for many of us it was quite busy time – the topic which kept the European Parliament, the National Ministries but also EXPRA and other stakeholders busy during this summer was, as expected, the proposed by the EC Directive to reduce the impact of certain plastic products in the environment.
By the beginning of September over 700 amendments to the EP report on SUP were filed by MEPs and will now be considered during the negotiations around the so-called ‘compromise amendments’ between the political groups. The latter will be the final amendments submitted to the Committee vote on 10-11 October. In addition, the European Parliament adopted in Plenary MEP Mark Demesmaeker’s (ECR, BE) Resolution on the EU Plastic Strategy. The resolution is not binding but set a precedent for Parliament’s future work on these issues. The Council is also actively working in parallel on the draft legislation.

EXPRA is actively expressing its position and concerns regarding this legislative proposal, which are in line with the views of the packaging value chain expressed in the Cross-industry statement on the Single Use Plastics legislative proposal (SUP), co-signed by 68 European and national industry associations.

So plastics is everywhere in the discussions. Do we need plastic packaging? Should we not just ban the use of certain products? Why don’t we just drink from the tap or use glass bottles like in the past? How can we stop the marine but also land litter? We should understand that these questions should not only be discussed in Europe but beyond, as for example in India where I could see presonally the situation during my trip as member of the EU delegation of Commissioner Vella. Here, we could see and feel where the plastics in the ocean is really coming from. So strong and joint efforts and cooperation are crucial if we really want to make a change in the fight with land and marine litter!

Enjoy your reading!