These days Groent Punkt Norge is launching “Plastloeftet” (translated The Plastic Promise/Pledge). This is a promise/pledge extended from the EU pledge aiming to contribute to a more circular plastic economy. Plastloeftet will help Norwegian companies reach EU’s new targets for 2025/2030. In addition, we will meet upcoming SUP regulations.
The plastic of the future aim to be smarter, more innovative and sustainable. Together with our members we hope to change trends, habits and overuse.
The objectives in our Plastloeftet is to increase the use of recycled plastic, and in addition reduce unnecessary use of plastic and design for recycling.

When the companies take the Plastloeftet, they will receive invitations to seminars and workshops that help their business achieve its goals, with tips and advice on sustainable plastic use. Each company makes its own plastic goals for change and reduction and the improvements will be audited and registered annually in order to get the approval. The results will be reported to the Environment Directorate in accordance with Norways waste regulations. In addition, companies will be able to visualize their efforts through Groent Punkt Norge.

We have so far invited a limited group of companies to test the Plastloeftet and the feedback so far is very promising. The companies are willing to set high goals for themselves, secure commitment in the management of the companies and find the help and gatherings provided from us interesting and useful. Thus, by offering our members the Plastloeftet, we believe that we are making a new set of loyalty rewarding activities as well. To ensure that we will not be copied by our competitors we are aiming to get the concept patented.