Football is a big thing in Spain, Real Madrid, Barça… Hold on, football is a big thing all over the world!
Although the football league is massively followed by men and women, major fans are still men.
In addition, according to our research men keep being the most reluctant to recycling leaving this task for the women at home.
We had it clear; we wanted to change this pattern.
Moreover, the Spanish Football league turns to be perfect for this aim; we have many men, enjoying football, surrounded by other men and some women… Where? In bars.
Football and bars, the perfect match!
The release of the football league matches has a special line for HORECA. Any food service who wants their clients to enjoy the matches needs to sign on a special TV feed where even advertising is different from the domestic release.
Therefore, we developed a specific campaign in order to reach all football lovers, women included. 4 different creativities to be released before and after the match and also during the break. Short pieces to catch the target’s attention through the yellow colour (our bin for cans, briks and plastic bottles in Spain) in a very football-ish language.
The campaign consists of 3×10” pieces and are scheduled for 10 matches along the football league calendar. Starting August 19th until November 25th. With a lower investment, tan general TV and a potential reach of 415.000 viewers per match in 70.000 HORECAS all over the country.