Having listened to the opinion of the Ricrea, Cial, Comieco, Corepla, Rilegno and Coreve Consortia for Packaging Materials, the CONAI Board of Directors approved the restructuring of the Environmental Contribution for steel, aluminium, paper, plastic, wood and glass packaging. This is to ensure the economic resources required in order to achieve the recycling/recovery targets for packaging waste throughout Italy.
In particular, with regard to the increases in Contributions relating to Comieco for paper, Coreve for glass and Corepla for plastic, the main reasons for these increases vary: for paper, the significant reduction in pulping prices caused by new Chinese customs barriers on imports; for glass, the extraordinary increase in collection rates and the disbursements made alongside the simultaneous fall in auction value of scrap, due to the saturation of treatment plants; and for plastic, the significant increase in the amounts of packaging waste, unfortunately of poor quality, from southern regions, that has generated additional costs for the sorting of material and the management of waste.
Instead, the positive performance of secondary raw materials on the national and international market has contributed to the reduction of the Environmental Contribution for steel and aluminium packaging.
For wooden packaging, CONAI’s BoD has decided to further facilitate the reuse of wooden pallets in controlled productive circuit areas, that are both new and placed back on the market. To this end, the decision has been made to reduce the percentage of the pallet weight to be subjected to the Environmental Contribution: from 40% to 20%.

The reasons behind the increases have been the subject of a sharing and comparison process alongside the representatives of the main categories of packaging users. As a result, from 1 January 2019, the new Environmental Contribution values will be:

  • € 3.00/ton (previous value: € 8.00/ton) for steel packaging
  • € 15.00/ton (previous value: € 35.00/ton) for aluminium packaging
  • € 20.00/ton (previous value: € 10.00/ton) for paper and cardboard packaging
  • an average of € 263.00/ton (previous value: € 208.00/ton) for plastic packaging. With it being the first substantial Contribution increase in terms of the existing Contribution diversification, the BoD will discuss the effect on Contribution levels at the next meeting
  • € 24.00/ton (previous value: € 13.30/ton) for glass packaging

The increases will also come into effect on the flat-rate/simplified procedures for importing filled packaging, once again beginning on 1 January 2019.
In particular:
– the rates to be applied to the overall import value (in Euros) will go from 0.13% to 0.16% for packaged food products and from 0.06% to 0.08% for packaged non-food products;
– the Contribution through the flat-rate calculation on the weight of only the packaging of imported goods (total weight without material distinction) will go from € 52.00/ton to € 64.00/ton.
In 2017, the CONAI-Consortia for Packaging Materials system and independent recyclers contributed to the recycling of 67.5% of packaging waste, resulting in a total of 8.8 million tons.