HERRCO in cooperation with the ECOLOGICAL RECYCLING COMPANY and funding from the COCA-COLA FOUNDATION are starting a program regarding integrated actions having as their goal to achieve Zero Waste at the seasides so that we can contribute towards cleaner beaches as well as the oceans.
The duration of the program will be from July until the end of October 2018 and it will take place at 5 specific beaches in Greece: at the Municipalities of Thessaloniki, Thermaiko, Naxos, Chania and Marathon. The program will cover:

  • The organization and operation for 12 weeks of an original and effective network for collection and recycling of waste at 5 beaches with the supplying and placement of a sufficient number of tripod – stands with a bag, aiming at the recycling of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles and paper packaging.
  • A communication with the local municipalities and all venues (restaurants, stores and hotels) at the beaches for their participation in the program and their cooperation with the simultaneous training of the municipalities’ staff and the personnel at the venues.
  • A complete and systematic communication campaign for those people who enjoy the beaches for the 3 summer months of 2018 (swimmers, visitors to the beaches, local camping grounds, houses which are near the beaches).
  • A systematic monitoring and recording program of the operation and the achievement of the program’s goal with the compilation of a final report.