With two comedians and a comical commercial plot, Groent Punkt Norge (Green Dot Norway) is spreading their summer message: If you recycle it at home, it won’t end up in nature.

Groent Punkt Norge has for several years had great success by using humour as an important feature in their advertising. In 2018 the company has recorded eight new commercials. Four of them was aired during the winter.

This summer four new commercials are going viral, primarily on web-tv and social medias.

  • We believe humour is the perfect means to inspire and motivate people. We don’t think we will achieve anything by pointing fingers, says Groent Punkt Norge leader Jaana Røine.
    The main characters in the 2018 humour series are the norwegian comedians Henriette Steenstrup and John Brungot.
    Take it with you
    The main message in the new commercials are that you have to take responsibility for your packaging waste outside your own home.
  • We all agree that waste doesn’t belong in nature. If you in addition to picking it up recycle it, the environment will win, says Røine.
    The commercials are written by Groent Punkt Norges communication group together with their advertising agency Alexander Reklamebyrå and produced by Pryserfilm.