The Executive Director of ECOPACK Bulgaria, Todor Bourgoudjiev, took part in a national meeting of the partners to the bTV Media Group campaign “Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria Together”. During the event, the organization received two awards – for active support to the campaign volunteers, and as a longstanding partner to the initiative.
“In the past year, the entire ECOPACK team, the staff of the municipal administration of the city of Russe, and the local residents achieved one of the records of the campaign – as many as 10,000 people cleaned up the city together. And as a token of appreciation and reward for the residents of Russe, ECOPACK installed and presented the children of the city with two new playgrounds,” said Mr. Bourgoudjiev at the ceremony.
For the eighth consecutive year, in 2018, “Let’s Clean Up Bulgaria Together” will be a part of the world’s largest civil initiative, which is expected to engage about 20 million volunteers from Bulgaria and 149 other countries. The campaign entitled World Clean Up Day will take place on September 15th.