The project “Riciclo di Classe” promoted by CONAI and in partnership with Corriere della Sera, focused on environmental education in primary schools to promote the importance of separate collection and recycling of packaging waste.
The project involved 18.900 students from 676 classrooms in the country and the production of 1.810 essays on the topic of recycling and separate collection. These high figures reflect the success of the “Riciclo di Classe” project, an initiative led by CONAI and in partnership with the newspaper Corriere della Sera. This was its 2nd edition and it aimed once again to engage all grades in Italian primary schools to share their ideas and views on the importance of separate collection and how, thanks to recycling, packaging waste can be transformed in completely new objects and be re-used in the creative ways.

“The success of the “Riciclo di Classe” project and participants ‘great enthusiasm shows how the protection of the environment is a theme very important for children in schools who can become real ambassadors for separate collection in Italian families” said Giorgio Quagliuolo, President of CONAI. “A correct separation of packaging waste is key for ensuring a correct beginning of the recycling process. Children have understood this and its relevance for protecting the environment” he added.

Young students have proved with this project how much they care about good recycling rules and practices” said Gianna Fregonara, Responsible for relationships with Schools from Corriere della Sara. “Kids also showed with their excellent work how well they can communicate their ideas on such topics via games, theatre plays and video materials, which confirm how promising this project actually is”.

The initiative had the objective to promote education in schools on the importance of a correct separate collection of packaging waste and recycling as an act of individual responsibility towards the planet and future generations as well as to uphold values such as responsible citizenship via games and workshops in elementary schools.

A jury, composed by representatives from CONAI, Corriere della Sera and an elementary School teacher, chose six of the most successful projects that best embodied the values and objectives of the initiative.

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