Şişli Municipality and ÇEVKO are in a ‘Fun’ collaboration to instill the habit of separating waste at its source for recycling. The recycling bins in 24 different locations in Nişantaşı have been ‘dressed up’ by artist Serkan Altuniğne’s custom made recycling-themed caricatures that make one smile and think at the same time.
The caricatures convey the message ‘Waste is Recycled, Şişli is Beautified’ and also aim to attract more attention to the recycling bins which have an important mission in terms of environmental sustainability. These pleasant recycling bins were put up on 5th June 2018, World Environment Day.
Caricature artist Altuniğne, who lives and pursues his career in Germany, says that recycling has become a part of the established culture in that country, and continues, “They try to teach you how to recycle in the integration courses while teaching the German language. Also in schools there are lessons on this subject, and you learn while still a child that recycling and waste separation is as natural as breathing, and the consequences will be dire if it is not done. The best part of the collaboration with ÇEVKO is that I will be able to convey to the people in a fun way the consciousness I have acquired on this important matter.”
On the subject, Mete İmer said, “We believe that the step we have taken in the collaboration with the Şişli Münicipality will render good results.”