Ecopack Bulgaria invested BGN 1.45 million (742 000 Euro) in the construction of a new technology center. Part of it is a new installation for sorting of waste from plastic, metal and paper packaging and a new educational center for students in Sofia. T
he Minister of Environment and Waters, Neno Dimov, the Sofia Mayor, Yordanka Fandakova, the CEO of ECOPACK Bulgaria Todor Burgoudjiev and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ecopack Bulgaria and Coca-Cola CEO Jurg Burghalt joined the official opening, attended as well by many producers, partners and supporters of the green mission of Ecopack Bulgaria.

“The capacity of the new installation is 5 times bigger than we already have. It can sort up to 21,000 tons of packaging waste per year ” Mr. Bourgoudjiev said. He stressed that most of the processes are automated, and the special design of the facility allows visitors to monitor the installation’s work.
The new line is built on an area of 35 decares. The plant will process the waste from the separate collection via Ecopack Bulgaria’s colored containers from 6 regions in Sofia, from 130 HORECA sites and 310 retail outlets. The device has magnetic separators for automatic separation of iron and aluminum. The line i served by 27 employees.

In the course of its consecutive long-term efforts to inform and educate the young people of all ages, Ecopack Bulgaria has created the first interactive educational center. It is part of the Technological Center, close to the separating line and is designed for children over 14 years of age. The space of 300 square meters is divided into three zones. Here visitors will be introduced to the history of an organized waste collection system from antiquity to the present day. The second zone is divided into 4 sections for the four types of waste that are collected separately – plastics, paper, glass and aluminum. The processes of recycling and recycling of waste, their transformation into new products or in art are presented.. The third area is the forest of green wishes, where every visitor will leave his green mission / message to the next generations.
“This center is a model where environmental policy can be focused on whether it is a family, a municipality, a state or an alliance. If we put our efforts to build habits among those who are between 7 and 27 today, this is a guarantee that when they are of our years there will be no need for such initiatives, “said Minister Dimov.