The app won the first place at the App Store within 36 hours, 200,000+ downloads
Who said separate collection of used packages can not be fun? Welcome to Catomolo game developed by TAMIR based on the used packaging cycle. An innovative and entertaining way to learn about the separation of recyclable packaging which should be collected in the orange bin in Israel. This funny and at the same time educational game is fit for all ages.

TAMIR’s strategy included choosing a character to represent the company and its messages. From the very start, TAMIR’s character was named most beloved and memorable commercial character by Globes, one of Israel’s leading financial magazines.

The character is Dedi, a silly animated ginger cat that lives atop an orange bin at an apartment building. Dedi conveys the messages with humor and wit, interacts with the tenants in the building’s trash room and explains to them how to separate the trash for the orange and regular bin. The orange bin is situated near the regular bin and is intended for packaging waste like plastic, metal and drink cartons. Dedi’s commercials does not include preaching or desperate cries to save the planet; they simply describe the new Israeli reality. Dedi stars in the company’s commercials, billboards and on-site campaigns. The latest TAMIR campaign even included a mobile app starring Dedi, called CATOMOLO (“orange or not”).

Launched in April 2018, the app stars Dedi the cat who teaches us how to separate trash as packages fall down from the sky. In the app, Dedi uses her paw to direct packages into the bin, or away from it, as needed. The application is humorously narrated by a well-known Israeli comedian, which undoubtedly contributes to its success. The app includes many levels, with dangerous bombs threatening Dedi’s wellbeing – each bomb or incorrect package disposal results in Dedi losing a life. TAMIR also chose to reward top winners with a daily prize of headphones and a weekly draw for a drone.

The app reached no. 1 in the apple and google app stores during its first 36 hours. Within three weeks of marketing, the app had 300,000 downloads, with over 5,000,000 games played. The launch campaign included TV ads, billboards, social media advertising, digital advertising and more. TAMIR succeeded in creating a device that educates the public on how to separate trash, and did so in a playful manner in line with the Fun Theory strategy that had been preferred. Furthermore, the app and other innovative activities led by TAMIR established the issue as a cool, modern issue that is easily identifiable.

Recycling organzation’s CEO Kobi Dar had this to say, “Over the past six years, since the legislation was passed, orange bins have been placed in many local authorities. This swift and gradual adoption has now reached 3.2 million people, of a total 8.6 million Israeli residents. We expect an 80% exposure rate over the next five years, enabling many Israeli households to join the recycling process.”

“The Fun Theory marketing strategy raised great awareness, made recycling a daily agenda and posed TAMIR and recycling as something one can happily identify with. I believe this has motivated action among Israelis who enjoy having an orange bin by their home, and motivates countless others to join the environmental conservation revolution by separating packaging at home.”

The payors are invited to sort the packages as soon as possible, decide what enters the orange trash and what not. You can see more here.