I do sincerely hope that you had some time to enjoy the Easter holidays, despite the busy period and the ongoing debates and discussions around the CEP, EU Plastics strategy and expected possible new legislation.
It looks again that we will have a very busy spring and summer – the CEP is already approved by the Council, while the European Commission is reported to be working on drastic measures against certain waste items, including a Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive proposal as well as suggesting a tax on all plastic packaging that is not recycled.

We are expecting the legislative proposal with mixed thoughts – while our members fully support European Union (EU) efforts towards preventing and reducing marine litter, we believe that some of the proposed measures are neither consistent with the recently-reviewed EU Waste Directives nor justified on grounds of proportionality. We strongly believe that the recently-reviewed Waste Framework and the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives provide an excellent framework for EPR schemes’ operations moving forward which we are confident will effect positive change across Member States. We also strongly believe that any new legislation should be consistent with the CEP as well as feasible and realistic and are actively working with all major stakeholders in Brussels to secure this.

Of course in this process we are relying on networking and joining forces with like minded associations in order to provide for a sound and realistic legal framework which will contribute in practice for a genuine Circular economy and best performing EPR systems.

Enjoy your reading!