The first CEFLEX stakeholder webinar was organized on 20 April. The purpose of the webinars (the next one is planned for 22 May) is to present and discuss information on different topics relating to flexible packaging in the circular economy, to help increase awareness and understanding among the different parts of the value chain. The interested in participating stakeholders were over 100. The webinar was focused on ‘Current status of collection and sorting of post-consumer flexible packaging in Europe’ and covered the following topics: Introduction to EPR, how collection and sorting is implemented in different European countries and how a sorting facility works. As EXPRA joined the project form the very beginning, and was actively supporting the organization of the Webinar, we had the chance to impact/suggest the contents as well as to involve EXPRA members as speakers. Monika Romenska, EXPRA Regulatory and PA Manager introduced the topic of EPR. Special thanks to Luca Stramare, COREPLA and Paul Christiaens, Packaging Waste Fund, Netherlands, Chair of EXPRA Data and Reporting WG, who delivered very interesting to the audience presentations regarding the functioning of the EPR systems in their countries with focus on flexible packaging collection and processing. Among the other presenters were also CITEO and DSD. The Webinar was evaluated as very successful and possibly more time for Q& A will be scheduled for the next one, to take place on 22 May.