“Books for Trash” is back with a new edition on April 22nd 2018 and for the first time, the environmental campaign that promotes reading is to be held simultaneously in five cities. This year the initiative is to visit Sofia, Plovdiv, Bourgas, Veliko Turnovo, and Stara Zagora on the emblematic Earth Day.
One of the most popular and wide-reaching Bulgarian initiatives, organized by Credo Bonum Foundation and Smart Books publishing house, will bring together the residents of five cities in a race to collect and recycle the most plastics. As usual, the campaign is to kick off at 10am, and the locations are the same as in previous years – the Soviet Army Monument in Sofia, in front of the Municipality building in Plovdiv, the Pantheon in Bourgas, Mall Veliko Turnovo in the old capital city, and Mall Galleria in Stara Zagora.

More than 11.5 tonnes of plastic waste were submitted for recycling under the Books for Trash campaign. This year, the eco initiative, organized by the Credo Bonum Foundation and Smart Books, was held simultaneously in 5 cities, providing for participants a book of choice for a 1 kilo of plastic packaging. According to the principles for calculating the results according to the number of population, Plovdiv residents gathered 3.1 tons, which ranked the city as the winner of the race. Besides the title of “The City with the Smallest Plastic Waste”, Plovdiv will host “Books for Trash” once again in the autumn of this year. In the other cities – in Sofia a total of 5,200 tons were colected, in Veliko Tarnovo – 2,100 tons, in Burgas 2 tons, and in Stara Zagora – 1,200 t. plastics packaging, which was transported by the trucks of Ecopack Bulgaria for recycling.

Partners to the initiative include Bulgarian American Credit Bank, the Europrean Commission in Bularia, ECOPACK Bulgaria and the municipalities of Bourgas, Veliko Turnovo, and Plovdiv, Mall Galleria Stara Zagora and Mall Veliko Turnovo, and the media partner is the BNT program Green Light.