1m2 por la Naturaleza ‘ is once again the great civic collaborative collection at a national level promoted by LIBERA, a day that from the collaboration of all seeks to help clean and raise awareness of the problem of trash in the natural spaces of our country.
On June 16 we will all go out to any natural space that we want to keep and free from the garbage that one day was thrown away and remains abandoned, and pick it up. A day to clean, but above all to raise awareness.

This year your collaboration and the sum of efforts of all is more important than ever, because you have already seen what is out there and have the ability to convince, as you have done before, others that add their m2. That’s why we can not stop counting on you, the backbone of Libera, the #HeroesLibera. For this reason we encourage you to participate once again in ‘1m2 for Nature’ by creating a collection point or encouraging your neighbors to believe or join established points.

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