A symbol of sustainability, recycling and circular economy

On the 17th of May 2018 the glass bin will be 40 years old. As part of the anniversary edition of the Glas in ‘t Bakkie campaign, Studio Lernert & Sander, in collaboration with creative agency Arttenders, designed five jubilee cakes in the form of five recognizable glass bins.
In a large national campaign, the bottle bank gets the status it deserves: a Dutch icon. lass collection now seems so logical, but it has not always been. On 17 May it is exactly 40 years ago that the first municipal glass container was placed in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. A milestone, because thanks to the glass container, separate glass collection has become an everyday ritual. Together (citizens, municipalities, waste services and companies) we have been achieving excellent results in glass collection and recycling in the Netherlands for years. The national campaign calls for this to be celebrated (‘busy’) and also introduces the verb “glass binning” in the sense of ‘going to the bottle bank’. Because such a beautiful and familiar act, deserves its own verb.

Ideal circular product
Packaging glass is an ideal circular product. Every time a bottle or jar in the glass container disappears, the glass is recycled without loss of quality. In principle, every jar or bottle can be placed on the table as a different product within a week. The current recycling percentage of glass in the Netherlands is very high. Approximately 84% of the packaging glass is in the circular loop. The target is even higher: 90%. By emphasizing what we have already achieved, Glas in ‘t Bakkie will give a positive boost to glass collection and recycling in the Netherlands in 2018.

About Glas in ‘t Bakkie
Glas in ‘t Bakkie is a Dutch campaign to stimulate glass collection and glass recycling in the Netherlands. Glas in ‘t Bakkie is part of the Action Plan on Glass, an initiative of Afvalfonds Verpakkingen.