This year, the work started as of day one and it seems that it will continue in this way and not only by the end of the year, but for few years more to come.
For us in Europe THE TOPIC is the new waste legislation, which seems to be close to its finalization. Copies of the legal texts (still to be voted by the Council) are already available and has been already discussed in the European Parliament.

Overall, we may proudly say that many of our demands and proposals are there. For this success we have been working for the last 6 years and we are happy that our expertise and practical knowledge has been recognized by the EU stakeholders.

Nevertheless, I would like to note that the real work is actually starting now, with the new guidelines, specifications, interpretations and related documents, to be further developed by the EC, as well as in helping our members meeting the challenges of the new legislation’s implementation.

In addition, the EU Plastic Strategy published in January, will for sure require our full attention, just to name the possible reopening of the essential Requirements under the PPWD and especially intended legislation on “single use plastics”.

I would like to conclude my short introduction noting that the representatives of the European Commission are already are speaking/thinking of CEP 2.0 just to give you an idea what lays ahead!

Enjoy your reading!