At GreenPak, we are offering the public, the chance to win €100 DAILY, with our Crush & Win Campaign!
The primary objective of the Crush and Win campaign is to target littering and reduce the amount of plastic irresponsibly discarded in our environment and oceans. This campaign was launched on 21st November 2017, and it follows on from the highly successful Crush campaign launched by GreenPak earlier last year, in which some of Malta’s best known personalities took part in a fun video aimed at encouraging the public to crush and recycle plastic bottles.

Empty plastic bottles and containers take up valuable space in the rubbish bins. Crushing and then disposing of these containers in recycling bags or bins saves space and will make it possible for our country to recycle more and more plastic.

Anyone can take part in the campaign simply by writing their telephone number on a plastic container they find outdoors or have at home, crushing it, and disposing of the item in one of GreenPak’s blue recycling bins which can be found at various locations around Malta & Gozo. Winners are announced every week on GreenPak’s facebook page.