In 2017, Green Dot Cyprus, aiming at raising public awareness, approached the importance and necessity of recycling within the wider context of the “Quality of Life” concept.
“Quality of Life” is a way of living that improves the individual and the society in which he/she lives. Health is an essential component of “Quality of Life” whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. More specifically, “Quality of Life” is the cultivation of a healthy body and spirit through proper nutrition, physical exercise, entertainment, good social relations, positive psychology, respect for the environment and younger generations. It involves anything that can improve the quality of our lives today without lowering the quality of our lives tomorrow.
Proper recycling therefore contributes to a clean and healthy environment, protects our health and thus makes a significant contribution to our quality of life.

The “Quality of Life” message was launched in 2017 by Green Dot Cyprus at Nicosia and Limassol Environment & Recycling Festivals through a special section with activities on healthy eating, sports and mental and emotional health. It was also promoted through a TV Commercial, the support of sports events, as well as through articles on the Organization’s website.