In the wake of China’s decision to close its borders to the import of recyclable materials, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) is working with all of the value chain partners, particularity sorting centres and recyclers, to turn this crisis into an opportunity for Québec’s recycling industry.
Among other things, we have given several presentations and written numerous articles in key publications on the subject.
Working in concert with the local government to raise awareness among the environmental community and provide insight for a call to action, we have built a strategic approach aimed at increasing the quality of the sorted material and fostering the development of end markets:

  • Hold networking meeting to facilitate business development between MRFs and local recyclers and the understanding of specs
  • Coaching amongst MRFs to implement best practices
  • 3 million CDN$ in investments by the Québec government
  • Meetings with elected officials
    This challenge is a great opportunity to develop and strengthen our circular economy. As the accredited eco organization for packaging EPR, we are taking the lead to mobilize the industry and working towards the optimization of the curbside recycling system.

Check out our news release on the Chinese ban