ECOPACK Bulgaria’s educational program “Recycling School. Teachers for Clean Environment” kicked off on February 21st, in the conference room of Vratsa Municipality and in the attendance of the headmasters of all the schools in town.
The aim of the program is to assist teachers in conducting environmental education in school. ECOPACK created a special educational package that was distributed free of charge to schools. It includes lesson plans developed for students in grades 1 through 12th on topics such as the decomposition of waste in nature and the consequences for human health, flora and fauna, waste types, separate collection and recycling, the ecological footprint. The lessons include videos, presentations, eco game and competition ideas, and information boards. The methods and techniques used are interactive and build on the knowledge and specific experience of children of the respective age.

“The focus of our educational project is on teachers. So much depends on them. They are the ones who can competently pass on to our children the knowledge about the processes and benefits of recycling. But above all, they are the ones who can spark their interest and love for nature. With their personal example, with their authority, they are also a key factor in making sure children grow up into individuals with a responsible and proactive attitude to the problems of the modern world,” noted Mariana Petkova, Public Relations and Communications Manager at ECOPACK Bulgaria.

The initiative “Recycling School. Teachers for Clean Environment” is of national scope and is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Environment and Water. Vratsa is the first city in which all local schools are part of it. Its successful implementation in the city will be a good example for the whole country of effective environmental education for the benefit of society and nature.

The benefits of recycling to society and the environment are undeniable. Separate waste collection and the responsible attitude to nature are a duty of each and every one of us, and therefore turning them into sustainable habits should start at an early age. And in this respect, the role of the school, and especially of the teachers, is irreplaceable.