The new version of the “Guide to the adhesion and application of the CONAI Environmental Contribution” 2018 is available.
The CONAI 2018 Guide consists of two volumes: the first illustrates the obligations and the consortium procedures; the second contains all the forms and related instructions.

The new edition has fully accepted the contents of the Technical Guide, regarding impacts of the contribution diversification for the plastic packaging on some procedures of application, declaration and exemption of the environmental Contribution, also for others materials.

From 1 January 2018, the values of the three Contribution levels for plastic packaging will come into effect, defined as follows: of the three contributory bands for plastic packaging: from 1 January, € 179.00 / t for band A, € 208.00 / t for B-band and € 228.00 / t for the band C.

Changes in the Environmental Contribution (increasing or decreasing) for four other materials: from 1 January, for paper packaging (from 4.00 to 10.00 € / t), in steel (from 13.00 at € 8.00 / t) and glass (from € 16.30 to € 13.30 / t) and from 1 June for packaging in aluminum (from 45.00 to 35.00 € / t).