As ÇEVKO Foundation, we will continue with our Trainer Training program, which has been going on since 2009, with the support of the Ministry of National Education in 2018.
With the co-operation protocol signed between the Directorate General For Basic Education and ÇEVKO Foundation, the project will go on for 3 years and the activities will be carried out in 36 provinces.

Primarily, seminars will be held in the provinces to which one responsible teacher from every primary school will be sent; afterwards at their schools, these teachers will establish awareness of recycling, and carry out studies regarding the separate collection of packaging waste. Interior collection boxes will be placed in schools according to the number of classrooms.

Our aim is to create awareness of recycling in primary school students by providing them with educational books, informative films, and environmental education presentations prepared specially for them by our foundation.

For the first year we have targeted an estimated 82.000 students, whose knowledge on recycling will be consolidated through our musical play for children called “Recycling Will Do Us Good.”