During its General Assembly meeting on 30 November, EXPRA welcomed a new Cooperation partner – The Icelandic Recycling Fund, thus extending its presence in Northern Europe.
Upon the industry’s initiative, Iceland’s authorities have tasked the Icelandic Recycling Fund (IRF) with encouraging reuse and recovery, minimising waste going into final disposal and ensuring the proper disposal of hazardous substances and also the management of packaging waste. The Board of IRF is composed of representatives of all stakeholders, i.e. representatives of municipalities and those putting products and packaging on the Icelandic market.

“We look forward to working with EXPRA and its members”, said Ólafur Kjartansson,
Managing Director of IRF. “The cooperation and exchange of best practices with colleagues from Europe and across the world will allow us to further improve our performance and face the challenges ahead”.
“I believe that the need for mutual support and learning from the good examples of others will grow as the demands of legislators and other stakeholders increase”, said Joachim Quoden, Managing Director of EXPRA. “Such cooperation works both ways – we will not only support IRF but also benefit from its successful experiences with tracking free riders and monitoring online sales”.