The Hellenic Recycling Recovery Coorporation (Herrco) has received significant distinctions at this year’s Waste and Recycling Awards, for the important results in organising packaging waste recycling in Greece and for the actions that were taken by the company to promote packaging recycling to the younger generation and the educational community.

Herrco was awarded for both categories that was a candidate. In particular, it received the first Award in the category: Waste Management Business – Recycling Business for the effective Packaging Waste Recycling System of the Blue Bins and Blue Bells that is implemented in collaboration with Local Authorities and the High Distinction for the educational programs which are planned and executed by Herrco and are approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, such as the “Recycling-Changing Behaviors” program and “Learning to Recycle Properly in Blue Bins”. These programs aim to encourage pupils of primary and secondary schools to understand the value of participating in the recycling through the blue bins and also educate them about the multiple benefits of recycling.

The Waste and Recycling Awards are organized every year and aim to award best waste management practices. The prize-winning jury was attended by scientists, academics and executives working in the areas of sustainability and environmental protection.