The 24 stakeholders selected to form the Coordination Group of the EU’s Circular Economy Platform, under which Ms Esther Colino Caro from EXPRA’s Spanish member Ecoembes represents our systems, held their first-ever meeting in Brussels alongside Council and Commission representatives.
The meeting aim was for the stakeholders to meet each other and share their views on the Platform’s goals. In a nutshell, three work streams are to be covered by the Platform:

  1. Sharing knowledge,
  2. Boosting dialogue among stakeholders, and
  3. Exchanging good practices.

The Platform will have a space during the Circular Economy Conference scheduled for 20 and 21st February in which some of the members will share a number of initiatives under the Platform’s remit. Ecoembes will present one: ‘Smart waste?/Big data?’, under the “sharing knowledge” work stream.
The second meeting will take place after Easter 2018.