Thanks to the efforts of Ekopak for promoting transparent, professional and ethical business, and upon its proposal, in November 2017 the Federal Ministry of Environment published Amendment to the framework Law on Waste Management.
There, for the first time a definition of a PRO is introduced as follows: “PRO is a legal entity which, according to the principle of extended producer responsibility, meets the targets for recycling and recovery of special categories of waste; it can be established exclusively by legal entities that perform their business activities by placing on the market products that become special categories of waste”.

This is really a great achievement, considering that in 2016 the Federal Ministry of Environment published Ordinance on the abrogation of the Ordinance on the Management of packaging waste, thus abolishing the genuine EPR system and introducing nationalization of PROs, not only for packaging but for all specific waste streams. Ekopak, supported by the Bosnian industry immediately submitted a complaint to the Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which after studying the case, stated that” “The Ministry has violated the provision of the Article 4 (1) of the Competition Law…” and as a result, the ordinance was withdrawn.