The Orchestra of recycled instruments of Cateura comes to Spain to perform two concerts, organized with the support of Ecoembes.
First, they will perform in the city of Gijón (Asturias) on 22th of December with famous Spanish singers and a lyric choir. The second concert will be at Teatro Real of Madrid with a famous singer and other music groups on 28th of December. This musical group is formed by children at risk of social exclusion from a marginal neighborhood of the Paraguayan city of Asunción, built on top of a landfill. Thanks to their ingenuity and illusion, they have created a unique formation with instruments built from waste materials. These children show how a project of personal improvement and hope for the future can arise from the union of apparently disparate elements such as music and recycling. This is a magical project that connects education, culture, protect of the environment and hope.