The Romanian central environment authorities are on the final phase to approving the National Waste Management Plan as part of the obligation according to the Waste Framework Directive and as part of EU institutions report completing this measure
The document analyzes the current situation using the data from 2010-2014, makes projections for 2015-2025 and designs plans to be undertaken for 2018-2025.

The main objectives refer to those of the Circular Economy Package, i.e. the preparation for reutilization and recycling of 65% of municipal waste by 2030 and the preparation for reutilization and recycling of 65% of total packaging placed annually on the market by 2025 and 75% by 2030 respectively.

In the packaging and packaging waste chapter, there are several provisions supporting clear roles of all the stakeholders participating in the system, efficient functioning of the EPR organizations and improving the reporting system. The document includes EPR as a financial instrument in household waste management compared to the previous national plan 2007-2013.

In order to identify essential elements and basic principles in future legislative measures to improve the Romanian system, in the last three months (during the last quarter of 2017) Eco-Rom Ambalaje organized two experience exchanges with peers from Austria (ARA) and Italy (COREPLA) respectively. The delegations’ visits to Romania consisted of presentations to obliged-industry associations and EPR schemes, dedicated meetings with central environmental authorities and site visits to local waste management operators. Both experiences were well received by stakeholders and revealed common solid principals as well as different approaches that hopefully will inspire the policy makers and obliged-industry representatives in the coming period when several legislation changes are expected to occur in the Romanian packaging waste management system.