GreenPak Coop Society, in coordination with GSD Marketing Ltd (GSDM), is leading a campaign on sustainable use of plastic bottles and the increasing importance of recycling.
“We need to recycle more and even more. We are urging the public to crush their empty plastic bottles for recycling and stop contributing to plastic waste,” said GreenPak’s CEO Ing Mario Schembri.
During the beach campaign held at Ghadira last Sunday, GSDM and GreenPak staff members distributed free Kristal water and encouraged the people present at the beach to crush and recycle their plastic bottles in the appropriate recycling bins, after they drink the water content.
GSDM together with GreenPak members explained to consumers who were on the beach the importance of reducing plastic littering especially in the sea, and to recycle more. Three collection points were set up on the bay equipped with bottle crushers. Those who crushed their plastic bottles received a branded keychain with the ‘Crush Plastic Bottles’ message.
‘Crush Plastic Bottles’ focuses on the need to reduce plastic pollution, optimise space in recycling bags and increase collection rates of plastic bottles. Crushing plastic bottles for recycling brings awareness on the need to stop littering and increase resource use.
‘’We have been promoting responsible disposal of our packaging with consumers for many years and the vision for our business is simple: our packaging is a valuable resource and we continuously strive to ensure that most of our packaging is recovered after use and recycled. As a company, we are constantly working to increase recycling as well as champion continuous improvement for the recovery of packaging’’ said George Douglas Saliba, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of GSD Marketing Ltd.
“As Malta is already facing some serious landfill issues, we are optimistic that the ‘Crush Plastic Bottles’ campaign serves to reduce plastic littering across Malta and Gozo, and encourages the public to take positive action and reduce waste sent to landfills,” added Ing Schembri.