On October 2, EXPRA’s MD attended the first meeting of the EU Expert Group on financing the Circular Economy. The European Commission has chosen around 30 experts from all industry, authority and stakeholder sectors; from our broader sector, SUEZ, EURIC and one recycler were chosen in addition to EXPRA.
The objective of the expert group will be to support the generation and financing of circular economy projects in the EU Member States. To this end, the expert group will provide recommendations regarding concrete measures to facilitate the circular economy project financing. The recommendations will take the form of an interim and final report. This report will be split into 4 chapters dealing with

  • Section 0: Background and big picture
  • Section I: Recommendations oriented to regulators
  • Section II: Recommendations oriented to financial institutions
  • Section III: Recommendations oriented to project promoters

Commissioner Katainen participated in the beginning of the full day meeting and highlighted the need of guidance and recommendations to the European Commission. There is a lot of European money and funding available but up to now there is no understanding in which way and for which projects these funds should and even could be spend.