The event’s goal was to support the exchange of best practice from different European countries and finding useful solutions so as to improve packaging waste management. Special emphasis was placed on the competition between PRO’s and the need to establish clear conditions and rules under which the PRO’s operate.
During the event, the recent policy developments regarding the Circular Economy Package and especially the EPR requirements proposed by the Waste Framework Directive that is currently under review were discussed, including the need for an independent authority/clearing house in case of several PROs operating for the same waste stream.

Some of the EXPRA members together with other experts presented both best practices in packaging waste management as well as relevant studies on EPR and competition. international experience was shared on which (operational) levels competition should be organized (Fost Plus), how a country is finally organizing competition amongst several PRO’s (EXPRA – Germany) and what to what results leads a comparison between the Czech Republic and the German approach (Ales Rod – CETA). Then, Slopak introduced the current Slovenian situation seconded with a presentation from the public waste management company of Ljubljana and a representative of the Law Faculty of Ljubljana presenting a study about EPR and packaging waste management in Slovenia.
The event was attended by Slovenia’ officials such as the Ministry of the environment, Slovenian Competition Protection Agency, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Chamber of Municipal Waste Management Companies, NGO, industry representatives and EXPRA members.