During the International Congress held at the Cevahir Congress Centre on 5-6th October, the ÇEVKO Foundation focused on the “Circular Economy Package, expected to be adopted in 2018 which will put forward new legal regulations.
In his statement, Mr Mete İmer, General Secretary to ÇEVKO Foundation pointed out ÇEVKO wants to carry this new economic approach, namely teh circular economy model to the agenda of Turkey. Mr. İmer said, “With a linear economy, products that follow the pattern ‘Produce!-Use!-Throw away!’ end up in landfill or disposal facilities. As a result of human activities that lead to huge environmental problems such as constantly increasing population, limited natural resources, and global warming, we have realized that things cannot go on like this anymore. The model of “circular economy,” which replaces “linear economy” and deals with “sustainable production,” “sustainable consumption,” “upward conversion” processes as a “circle,” is a new approach for sustainability in the world”.

As part of the congress sessions were organized under the headings “EU Circular Economy Package,” “The New Plastics Economy,” “Significance of Circular Economy Combatting Climate Change”,“ Financial Mechanisms for transition to Circular Economy,” and “Circular Economy perceived by Press” prepared by the Association of the Economy Journalists.

“Green Dot Press Awards” were given to the winners with a ceremony at the congress. ÇEVKO foundation gave the awards for the 6th time to the media organizations that were environment-sensitive and whose priority was to inform the community on the environment and recycling with the most news articles.
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