Despite the fact that the bottle bank is historically well known in the Netherlands, we do not yet reach the legal goal of 90% in (83% in 2015). That is why Afvalfonds Verpakkingen – Packaging Waste Fund – started the action plan glass in 2016.
With this plan we expect to meet the objective of 90% glass recycling in 2018. With an interim reporting we let the Dutch government know that the implementation of the action plan is on track. In cooperation with municipalities in recent years, consumers are urged with the campaign “Glas in ’t Bakkie” (Glass in the bank) to bring all their glass packaging to the bottle bank. This year we work together with over 40 municipalities where the glass collection lags behind the national average of 20 kilos per inhabitant per year. Along with these municipalities has been viewed what possibilities are suitable to increase the glass collection. For example relocation of the bottle banks or targeted communication towards citizens. All agreed actions started as pilot and are to be evaluated at the end of the year. In case of proven success the initiatives will be rolled out to other municipalities.
Also at the hospitality industry is uncollected glass. Research shows that more than 15% of bars and restaurants in city centres still regularly throw away their bottles because there is no good collection ability. Therefore pilots are being organized with their suppliers: when the deliver goods to the bars and restaurants, they take empty bottles back to their warehouse.

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