FTI is planning its own facility for plastic packaging & new information campaign with the singer Titiyo.

FTI is planning its own facility

Sweden has high ambitions for the recycling of plastic packaging. FTI’s goal is not only to achieve but to exceed these targets. Alongside our work to increase the volume of collected packaging and raise awareness of specific recyclable materials, we also need to ensure that the subsequent process functions. Meaning, there are facilities with the capacity to receive and process collected materials, and ensure that there is a market for the sale of the materials.
There is currently a major capacity shortage throughout Europe, which will intensify as collection volumes increase. Consequently, FTI has been considering various solutions since 2013. FTI has now chosen to create a business case for launching a proprietary facility with the capacity for daily intakes of some of the plastic packaging collected from Swedish households through recycling stations or curbside collection services. The goal of the facility is to be able to recycle more than 80% of collected plastic packaging as new products. If all decisions can be made as planned, the facility will commence operation in about two years from now, in 2019.

Ebbot has handed the mic to Titiyo

On April 7, FTI launched Titiyo as new ambassador for the “Old Things Become New” campaign. She has decided to recycle her 1989 hit – Talking to the Man in the Moon.Between December 16 and February 2, we placed advertisements in Facebook (FB) and YouTube (YT) about matters such as myths. The ad received considerable attention and commenting, with 1.3 million views (exceeding 3 seconds), 359 shares and 291 comments.

The production was largely implemented on a voluntary basis. Our remuneration was equivalent to 10% of the normal value. The considerably high quality entailed significantly more and longer viewings, and to date, about 30% more visits to the campaign site than during the corresponding period in autumn.

In April and May, the combined exposure of the video/image/text on Facebook, YouTube and Google Network was 8,035,608 views. Since September 23, when the latgammaltblinytt.nu (oldthingsbecomenew) campaign was launched, a total of 90,000 visitors have been generated.

Video: Talking the man in the moon (recycled version) You can watch the video here