The dedicated plastics strategy of the EC aims to help Europe improve recycling, cut marine litter, and remove potentially dangerous chemicals.
The Commission published the roadmap of the Communication on Plastics in a Circular Economy (including action on marine litter) on January 2017, which sets out to inform all stakeholders about the Commission’s work, enabling them to participate efficiently in future consultation activities. The working paper states that the roadmap is not definitive and does not prejudge the Commission’s final decision. Currently targeted public consultation with different stakeholders led by DG ENV is taking place.

With its strategy for plastics, the EU is not only wishing to set out the problems, but is also intending to put forward possible solutions along the whole plastics value chain. Central topics here are better recycling, waste prevention, eco design and measures to boost markets for secondary raw materials. The concept, which is being worked on by both the DG Environment and the DG Growth, is to be finalised by the end of the year.

Next steps:

  • Q2/Q3 2017: Targeted public consultation led by DG ENV
  • 26 September 2017: Commission’s Stakeholder Conference
  • Q4 2017: Publication of the strategy on plastics